Keller Consulting has special expertise and passion for community-based organizations that are answering society’s toughest challenges in social services, health care, education, arts and humanities, museums, animal welfare and the environment.


we work to meet the fundraising needs of Clients using a variety of services: capital campaigns, feasibility studies, annual fund campaigns, major gift and planned giving initiatives, special project fundraising, development assessment, strategic plans and board retreats, prospect research and grant writing, and interim staffing. 


Our services


Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is an urgent undertaking of fundraising and outreach efforts, focused on raising money for a specific need within a defined time frame—traditionally the purchase or construction of a facility. Keller Consulting guides your organization through the preliminary stages of readiness assessment, environmental scan, case statement development, leadership recruitment, and prospect research through the throes of a campaign and beyond, including marketing and business plan development, campaign moves management, major gift solicitation, donor recognition, and continued stewardship. 

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is the evaluation of a proposed project to determine its viability. If your organization is considering any major fundraising campaign, Keller Consulting positions your organization for success through an analysis of critical factors such as organizational readiness, market receptivity, funding potential, and community support. Strategies include assessing internal structure, analyzing organization sustainability, gathering insight from constituency and community leadership, exploring private and public opportunities for funding, and building awareness of the planned fundraising campaign. 

Annual Fund Programs

An annual fund is the foundation of any giving program, providing a dependable flow of income for programs, activities, and services of your organization. Keller Consulting helps you build or enhance an annual fund program through strategies that encourage regular giving and cultivate a loyal donor base. Efforts can include telephone and direct mail campaigns, adverts, and web-based appeals.

Interim Staffing

Staff turnover poses a serious threat to the health of an organization’s fundraising program. Keller Consulting supports your organization through this transition by providing on-site consultation and interim staffing to sustain regular fundraising activity and facilitate a recruitment and selection process for executive staff or development officers. 

Planned Giving Programs

Planned giving, also known as deferred giving, legacy giving, or estate planning, is the ultimate demonstration of donor support—a program to stimulate such giving should be a part of every organization’s overall fundraising strategy. Keller Consulting helps you implement or enhance your planned giving program by capitalizing on the variety of financial instruments available to accommodate donor’s needs. From a simple bequest to more complex gift annuities or trusts, strategies include defining policies and guidelines for giving, identifying and cultivating planned giving prospects, especially through volunteer and donor education, and developing a marketing strategy for your planned giving program.  

Special Project Fundraising

Special project fundraising is a modified initiative that strategically focuses resources to raise funds for select organizational priorities. If your organization has an immediate funding needs but is not prepared to launch a comprehensive capital campaign, Keller Consulting guides your organization through activities, such as expanding the prospect pool, growing a major gifts program, increasing brand awareness, and soliciting loyal donors, especially to support a pressing need. 

Development Assessments 

A development assessment evaluates your organization’s fundraising capacity, identifying strengths and opportunities and recommending actions for improvement and sustainable success. Keller Consulting examines organizational structure, including personnel, policy and procedures; fundraising strategies, including revenue sources, board structure, volunteer engagement, and community and donor relations; marketing materials, especially your case for support and digital presence; and data management and software, providing critical analysis with specific recommendations. 

Strategic Plans + Board Retreats

A strategic plan outlines the realization of your organization’s vision through a detailed framework of goals and strategies, including task assignment, timeline, budget, and success measures. To ensure the success of this plan, Keller Consulting engages your staff and board in a collaborative strategic planning process—a deep-dive into expectations, resources, and challenges that defines organizational trajectory and solidifies the group’s commitment to the mission and vision of your organization. 

Prospect Research + Grant Writing

Prospect research and grant writing can be tedious and burdensome—yet they are critical elements to a comprehensive and successful fundraising program. Keller Consulting supports your fundraising efforts by providing insight into donor capacity and affinity through analysis of your donor base, including past giving histories, wealth indicators, and philanthropic motivations, and by pursuing funding through the development of a compelling narrative and a tailored application for grant or tax credit opportunities.

Major Gift Programs

Major gifts, or gifts of high-value to your organization, strengthen any giving program through outstanding commitments of financial support. Regular acquisition of such gifts requires strategic planning, extensive prospect research, and thoughtful cultivation of potential donors. Keller Consulting works with your organization to establish or improve your major gifts program. Strategies include developing a customized system of moves management, preparing your volunteers for face-to-face donor solicitation, and creating a plan for donor recognition and ongoing stewardship.